Are you Team Gift Knitting or Team Comfort Knitting? [Plus making knitting plans, and a little restock!]

published10 months ago
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Dear Reader,

I recently asked on Instagram whether you are still in team Gift Knitting or have already joined - like I did - team Comfort Knitting. "Comfort Knitting" is my new favorite way of talking about projects that are just for us, that bring us pure joy. (I used to say "selfish knitting" to this, but that really doesn't sit right with me anymore. Joy is anything but selfish.)

I *might* still cast on a couple of smaller gifts in the next few weeks for the little ones in my life, but right now, I am very, very, very much in Comfort Knitting mode. Life is intense right now - the little one has been sick for close to three weeks now, there's a business to run in the busiest season of the year, and our Issue 9 layout just had its deadline. So in my knitting, I am craving comfort, coziness, joy.

My Lueur shawl is giving me all that right now, but as it's near its finish line (just this last textured panel, and then the garter border!), I'm thinking ahead about what I'm going to cast on next.

I have a sweater quantity of Hudson + West Co's Forge in Dusk set aside for a Washington cardigan, and I would love to make Melody Hoffman's just-released Gentle Lopi Tunic. We have our first unspun coming to the shop in January, and I want to make something out of it to show you all!

No matter whether you're team Gift Knitting or Comfort Knitting, I hope you find some light and breathing space in this time. It's intense - maybe the Winter Celebration helps a little with its daily ritual of opening the virtual door? - but it's also joyful. Even in the most stressful days, there's a pocket of joy to be discovered.

Always yours,

Hanna Lisa x

Discovered: Loose Ends Project

I recently came across the Loose Ends Project when Joji Locatelli posted about it on Instagram. I absolutely love the idea behind it, and if I had more time, I would definitely sign up as a finisher. Loose Ends matches WIPs that have been left behind by loved ones with a knitter who lovingly finishes them.

Restocked: Garthenor Beacons

We just got a mini delivery of Garthenor Organic's Beacons, my most beloved DK weight yarn, back! Cinder, Sycamore, Gorse and Lichen are back!

If you're looking for project inspiration for this gorgeous yarn, how about these two?

Coloring Book Raglan Take Flight Balloon

On the left / top is my Coloring Book Raglan (pattern by Aimee Sher), one of my all-time favorite makes! I knit size 4, and for this size and the cropped, 3/4 sleeve version, you only need 4 skeins of the main color, and 2 of the contrasting color

On the right / bottom is our Take Flight Balloon pattern from the Kids Collection - a lovely way to experiment with colorwork without tension being super important! It makes for a great gift - and it only uses 1 skein of each of the 3 colors!

What You've Been Saying About: Forge

It's no secret that I love reading your reviews, and even better when they come with photos! Our lovely customer Vanessa recently purchased a skein of Hudson + West Co's Forge in Lake, and made the loveliest Oisin hat with it!

Here's what she said about the yarn:

Glad I tried it!
I am glad I you gave me the chance to try this yarn out for a little one skein project. It is smooth and shows of cables and texture very well. I like the hat I knitted from this yarn, but honestly I wouldn‘t knit a garment out of it, because it‘s on the upper price range and not affordable for me. But with one skein I now have a very special luxurious treasure.

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