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published11 months ago
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Dear Reader,

This week, I keep coming back to something the wonderful Katie Green shared in a recent newsletter. I'm paraphrasing here, but it was an analogy to waiting for a London bus - first, you wait forever, and then there are three all at the same time.

The last few weeks have felt really good in terms of workload - I got a lot done, but there was also ample time for creativity and planning and dreaming up new products and tackling those pesky little to dos that always, inevitably fall to the bottom of the list. This week, it's different.

The week already started on Sunday for me, with a 6.5 hour long photoshoot for Issue 9 (SO GOOD, though!), continued with a day-long packing session for the first set of Winter Celebration Boxes, and a brand-new podcast recording. There are still things to be launched and talked about this week, and I will also be travelling on Thursday and Friday. So I'm tilting into ticking things off the to do list, and it genuinely feels really nice. I know that this week is full, but there will also be other weeks for more play and exploration.

So, today's newsletter is a mashup of all the things we have in store for you, but maybe you could also let it serve as a gentle reminder that even if life / work is intense right now, you can lean into that and trust that there will be time and space for rest and relaxation soon.

Lots of love and woolly greetings -

Hanna Lisa

Winter Celebration Boxes: Now Ready to Ship!

5 minutes, just for you. A ritual to ground yourself during an otherwise hectic time of the year - that's my goal and wish for this year's Winter Celebration. For the first time, we're pairing our virtual celebration with a physical box - 10 gifts, one for each day, all for you.

The first half (and a bit more) of them have sold already (THANK YOU) and as the last bits and bobs arrived on the weekend, all of the preorder purchases that came in until yesterday morning are now on their way to their lovely new homes. Which means Winter Celebration Boxes are now ready to ship!

On the Needles: My Lueur Shawl (aka the best potato-chip-y project of all times)

I put aside Aurin's sweater these past few days because I couldn't stop knitting on my second WIP - Audrey Borrego's Lueur Shawl from Issue 8. You might remember from my letter to you two weeks ago that I cast this on on a whim - and promptly fell in love.

Yesterday, I finished the first section, and I'm already half-way through the second one that introduces the contrasting color. The yarn is an absolute dream, both for knitting as well as showing off that incredible texture: Hudson + West Co's Weld in Gold Leaf (MC) and Aspen (CC). Hurry up, evening, I want to continue working on this!

New in: Moorit Magazine Issue 3!

We're a little late to the party, but moorit magazine Issue 3 - the Cosmic issue - has finally landed on our shop shelves! 10 crochet designs explore a variety of astronomical phenomena from binary star systems and gaseous nebulae to the invisible movements of heavenly bodies. You'll find elegant textures and colours that reflect the awesome and sublime beauty of the cosmos. It's a beautiful issue - congratulations, Alyson!

On the Blog & Pinterest: Our Top Gift Knitting Pattern Picks!

It's that time of the year - the holidays are fast approaching, and the gift knitting has begun!

I really love gifting hand-knits, preferrably ones that are quick to knit up and make for a really enjoyable project - after all, I want to have fun while knitting them, and feel good about the finished object.

We've put together a whole Pinterest board with our favorite gift knitting patterns for you that we hope helps with inspiring and planning what you'll be making for your loved ones this year. I've also done a deep-dive into a few of them (with yarn pairings!) on the blog!

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