I'm sitting at a beautiful wooden table, looking out at the deep black night sky.

published8 months ago
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Dear Reader,

it's 6.37am as I'm writing this. I'm sitting at a beautiful wooden table, looking out at the deep black night sky in the Austrian mountains, and feeling immensely, extremely grateful.

Grateful for a life that allows me to go here, with people I love, and spend a few days in the mountains, a place that fills my heart like no other.

Grateful for new snow that arrived when we did, and sun, and a little one who just took his first tentative steps (slides, really) on skies yesterday.

Grateful for YOU because you know what? Even in the 8th year of doing this, I am still so incredibly nervous before we launch something - like Manchelopis last week - because, let's be honest, sometimes it goes really, really well, and other times, there's crickets. So I sometimes feel like I haven't figured anything out yet when it comes to products and launches and marketing and the like, and then, when a launch like Manchelopis comes, and you all show up and get plates and plates of this gorgeous unspun yarn, and I have this idea on a whim that we could open preorders because clearly you like it, but then the "what if no one preorders" thoughts kick in, and then you the first preorder comes in, and the next, and the next. And I can finally breathe. And it feels, literally feels, like a big weight is lifted off my shoulders.

So, welcome to me in launch weeks, and THANK YOU to you, to everyone who placed an order, for supporting this business, for keeping us going, for showing me that this, what we did last week, was something you liked!

Preorders for all colors of Manchelopis (including the three brand new ones!) are open on the website. We're estimating that we'll be able to ship them out in the week of January 30!

Big hug,

Hanna Lisa

How to knit with unspun yarn

As we’ve added Manchelopis to the shop, and the experience of knitting with unspun yarn can be a bit different than what you’re used to, I thought it would be good to have a really comprehensive blog post about everything you might want to know about how to knit with unspun yarn.

Most of the questions I answer in the post come from Instagram or Youtube, interspersed with things that I myself have been wondering and / or experimenting with.

Are you ready to dive into the world of knitting with unspun? Let's go!

New Podcast Release Schedule!

For everyone who is waiting for a new podcast episode this week: I've decided to adjust my podcast release schedule to work better with our newsletters. The newsletter always goes out on Tuesday, and so from the next episode on, we'll also release new podcast episodes on Tuesdays!

That being said, I highly recommend watching the last episode if you haven't already - it's full of unspun goodness!

Have you joined our Sock Box Wait List yet?

Sign ups for our April Sock Box and our Year of Socks Subscription open back up on February 1. Sign up for our wait list now!

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