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It is okay to not feel okay, even if we know we have to keep going.

published3 months ago
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Dear Reader,

Sometimes, when I sit down to write this newsletter, I have to resist the urge to "prettify" things. There's a voice in my head that says "people just want to read things that make them feel good", and some weeks, I have to actively remind myself that my own (life and business) practice is dedicated to honesty and transparency, and that saying "everything is fine" when in reality it's not is not living my values.

Like, this week, I am not feeling fine. There's nothing majorly wrong, thankfully, I'm just feeling a little out of sorts. I keep coming back to the expression "death by a thousand cuts" - again, nothing as dramatic as death, but just lots of little annoying things have happened that are draining my energy. (Unplanned doctor visits, a lost handbag, a couple nights with too little sleep, a delivery being delayed,...)

A good friend of mine yesterday reminded me that it is okay to not feel okay, even if we know we have to keep going. Because, let's face it, there's no one here picking up the baton of Making Stories CEO or mom when I'm not feeling okay. Vicious circle though: I do need to feel well to be really, really good at both. Sigh.

So, maybe, this week, I'll focus on a little less computer work and a little more hands-on work that I need to do anyways for the Winter Celebration. A few hours with knitting and a good TV show and a cup of tea on the sofa might just do the trick!

Tell me - what do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

Hanna Lisa x

Marls, texture & shawl love - plus a reveal!

It's my first solo episode on the podcast - which meant it was time for a scenery change! I'm sharing my two current WIPs (hello marls and texture) and answer a customer question by diving deep into the differences between Forge / Weld and Gilliatt / Ulysse. I also have exciting shop news - Moorit Issue 3 is in stock, as are our Winter Celebration Boxes! Plus, get an exclusive peek at the October Sock Box yarn, stitch markers and extra gift.

Preorders: A Year of Socks & January Sock Boxes

Our January Sock Boxes are now available for preorder - as is our updated A Year of Socks subscription!

January's box was inspired by ice crystals with their unique, geometric shapes, long winter walks with the sun setting over a snowy forest, coming home to warm up and watch the beautiful winter night through the window.

It includes 100g of all-natural sock yarn, a set of handmade sparkly stitch markers, a surprise joy-bringing item, and a pattern inspiration email. Ideal for treating yourself to a little post-holiday pick-me-up!

We're down to 15 Winter Celebration Boxes!

Thank you all so much for the very warm welcome for our first Winter Celebration Box! We started off with 45, and we're now down to the last 15 boxes. Get yours now while they're still available!

PS: A few of you asked whether we'd also have a yarn-only option available - which is now in the shop!

Last, but not least...

... have you heard of our Making Stories Collective yet? If not, and you have 5 minutes to spare, head over here and read up on it.

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