It's okay to thoroughly enjoy the things you love.

published9 months ago
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Dear Reader,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a restful last few days of 2022 and a gentle start into 2023. I spent a lovely week with my family, and was reminded of a few things:

  • I've grown so much in the past few years. I used to be a mega-perfectionist, and motherhood (and life, and inner work) have helped a lot with letting go of it. Our Christmas Eve did not go nearly as planned, and yet it was absolutely lovely and relaxing and everything I needed it to be. And I was okay with it not being as I had envisioned it.
  • It's okay to thoroughly enjoy the things you love. I spent a blissful morning playing legos and duplos with Aurin, not thinking about anything but how we could build a house with four dining tables and a big parking lot. Allowing this flow to happen was magical.
  • Life is short. So short. The past week has brought some heavy personal news in our family. We're also grieving with friends who are facing a devastating loss. Moving in this with grace, allowing the feelings that come up, and talking through them is hard, but important.
  • We're good. We're genuinely, really, thankfully good. Despite the above. The start of 2022 felt a lot more ... brittle? than the start of 2023. I'm moving into this year with awareness, and love, and compassion, and grace. (And then the toddler has a meltdown about me making my own coffee this morning. And that's okay too.)

So, let's move gently into this new year. I hope that wherever you are, whatever you are facing right now, you know that you are loved. You are enough.

Hanna Lisa x

New: gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch!

Ich freue mich so, das Projekt, an dem Elsa und ich in den letzten Monaten hinter den Kulissen gearbeitet haben, endlich launchen zu können: Unsere neue deutsche Website ist da!

Noch nicht perfekt, aber "done is better than perfect". Ein ganz herzliches Willkommen allen, die jetzt lieber auf Deutsch surfen - ich hoffe, ihr fühlt euch wohl! Wenn euch etwas auffällt, das komisch aussieht, ein "Sie" beinhaltet oder sich merkwürdig anhört, sagt uns gerne Bescheid. Wir freuen uns auf Feedback!

Our website is now finally available in German! A HUGE thank you to Elsa who did a lot of the translation - I'm so excited to have this done!

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