Magical cold spell days.

published10 months ago
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Dear Reader,

I've just come in from the freezing cold outside - I spent an hour this morning packaging the latest orders, and wrapping up a couple of Christmas presents in the yarn cave. We're having a veritable cold spell here in Berlin, and I absolutely love it! The only thing that I miss is the sun - zero sun hours so far in December :/

Wrapped up in one of my beloved woollen sweaters, feet clad in hand-knit socks, Brooklyn hat on my head, I'm warm, no matter how cold it is outside. And I'm really, really thankful for that.

I'll be casting on a new Treasured Cowl for Aurin tonight - he's outgrown the one from last year, and needs something to keep his neck warm. Speaking of neck: I finished my Lueur shawl! I haven't taken proper pictures yet, but there will be an FO blog post before we wrap up the year.

We'll still be around for two more weeks here; our last Making Stories work day is December 22. Then, we're going on a little break, and are back with you on January 2. The webshop will stay open during that time, but we'll only resume shipping orders on January 2.

Speaking of: If you still want something for Christmas, I would highly recommend ordering as soon as possible. Overseas last shipping dates have passed already, and while technically European and domestic parcels should still arrive before Dec 24th, we're experiencing a much slower delivery pace already.

I hope you enjoy these days, no matter where you are, whether it's hot or cold - they're magical!

Hanna Lisa x

Last Call: Winter Celebration Skein & Box [Only Until Dec 18!]

As we're wrapping up the year soon, our Winter Celebration Skein and Box - we still have a couple of each of them in stock and ready to ship - will be taken offline by the end of this week.

The Winter Celebration wrapped up a few days ago, and so I'm so delighted to finally be able to share this year's Winter Celebration colorway and pattern with you! The Winter Celebration Skein and Box each contain one skein of this beautiful 100% Corriedale (non-superwash, plastic-free) sock yarn dyed by woollentwine.

Winter Blossom Not-So-Vanilla Vanilla Socks

The colorway is called "Winter Blossom" and it knits up in the most delightful, almost self-striping way. My new "Not-So-Vanilla Vanilla Socks" pattern works perfectly for it - it's a toe-up stockinette sock with Fleegle's heel that sits nice and snug on your foot. Every Winter Celebration Skein & Box purchase automatically gets the pattern too!

New: Episode 42 - Comfort Knitting, A Salary Update & Our First Unspun

I'm back after a week's hiatus - we're in the middle of toddler sick season here and it's no fun! - with an episode filled with love for my current WIP, a overview of what I'll be casting on (very much team Comfort Knitting here!), a look at Days 1 - 5 of our Winter Celebration Box, and a salary update. Join me for a slightly confused, but very lovingly recorded episode!

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