More coffee, more FOs! Plus, all the sweets and a special announcement.

published6 months ago
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Dear Reader,

I am feeling good about this week. After a month and a half of life - especially work - being extra full and intense, this week started off with a super productive Monday, which always leaves me feeling really happy and content at the start of a new week.

We also had a wonderful weekend with a relaxed Saturday, and then one of the best meals I've had in a long, long time when I took David out for dinner Sunday evening. Here's to the rest of the week continuing on this joyful path!

Hanna Lisa x

PS: I'll be travelling to Köln / Cologne on Friday to visit h+h for the first time ever on Saturday. I'll be walking around the fair the entire day, so if you're there, and you want to say hi, please do so!

New: Podcast Episode 47 - All the coffee & all the FOs!

Guess who's on a roll finishing all the things?? Come join me for my latest episode where I chat about not only one, but two things that I recently finished, what I'm dreaming of casting on next, and the very first glimpses at two special new yarns!

Preorder: Moorit Issue 4 - Sweet Shop

I am so delighted to welcome the preorder of the latest issue of moorit into the shop! I adore the theme - "Sweet Shop" - and the bursts of color in the designs and the photoshoot location. SO good!

Moorit Issue 4

It's such a strong issue! I found it really hard to narrow it down to a few favorites. 8 of the 11 patterns are garment patterns, and so I just had to pick my favorite summer tops and tees!

Top row: Kirrie by Sonia Torner (left) and Läcker by Eline Alcocer (right); bottom row: Sweet Talk by Joanne Fowler (left) and Poppin by Smitha Crasta (right).

I'm expecting our order to arrive at some point mid April, all preorders will go out then.

Launch Announcement: Ovis Et Cetera Close and Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co coming later this week!

I am so, so happy to welcome the next two small batch, super special yarns to our shop later this week. When I set out on this journey of adding yarns to the shop, I also wanted to create a hub for those smaller batch, possibly hand-dyed yarns that are quite hard to get. These two get us a step closer to this dream!

Ovis Et Cetera Close is a natural sock yarn, custom-spun by John Arbon Textiles for Saskia of Ovis Et Cetera. The blend of Devon Closewool, Exmoor Blueface and Zwartbles (all three sourced very close to the mill!) is a heathered grey in its undyed state. When Saskia adds her dyeing magic to it, it transforms into the most glorious jewel tones!

Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co's Zwartbles x Blue Texel is Emma's latest Limited Edition yarn. I love how she's gone from natural dyeing (which she still does) to creating super special yarns with a wonderful story. All fleeces for this woollen-spun, fingering weight yarn come from one flock that lives about 10 miles from her home in Northern Ireland.

Both these yarns will be available first to our Collective members (levels Full Skein & Sweater Quantity) on March 29 before they launch to the general webshop on March 30.

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