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This week, there's a lot more capacity and space in my heart.

published2 months ago
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Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for the lovely emails after last week's newsletter - I loved reading what you do when you're feeling a bit out of sorts, and your well wishes are so, so appreciated. ❤️

I'd like to share one snippet with you because I could immediately picture the coziness and comfort:

“What I do when I'm having a less than wonderful week is sit for a cuppa, alone or with Beloved Spouse. Soon there is a cat on my lap, and the purring warmth helps me realize life is good.” - Jill

This week is shaping up to feel a lot warmer and happier than last week. Sure, there are still less-than-pleasant things that I have to tackle and deal with, but somehow this week there's more capacity and heart space for them.

Speaking of capacity! Two heads up related to the shop: Our January Sock Boxes and A Year of Sock Subscription Preorders close tomorrow. Get them while you can! (If, for financial or other reasons, you would love one, but can't make the purchase by the end of tomorrow, send me an email and I'll order some extra yarn and set aside a box for you.)

Secondly, we'll do a Black Weekend Special for the first time ever! I want you to know about this already now just in case you wanted to get one of these things from the shop. From Nov 25 through Nov 27, we'll offer these discounts:

  • 50% off on print copies of back issues (Issues 1 - 4 & 7; 5 and 6 are sadly sold out)
  • 25% off on print copies of our current Issue 8
  • 10% off on our annual print subscription

And because Black Friday is... well, it's super capitalist, and I hold a lot of conflicting views about it as a small business owner who exists in capitalism and tries to do good in this world, I also want to share a bit more about the sale. More on that below!

Hanna Lisa x

Off the needles: Aurin's Winter Sweater!

It's done! Aurin's Winter Sweater is off the needles, just in time for our first cold spell here in Berlin. I knit Tincan Knits' Flax Light Sweater in the 6-8yr old size (it's closest to the measurements of Aurin's current favorite sweater) and with a couple of modifications:

  • Knit a folded neckline in half-twisted rib with a Provisional Crochet Cast-On (I share details about this in this Thursday's podcast episode!)
  • Omitted the garter ridges on the sleeves
  • Used the Tubular Bind-Off on the hem (again, worked in half-twisted rib) to match the folded neckline
  • Cast off the cuffs with Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off to make it easier for Aurin to roll them up (cuffs also in half-twisted rib)

The yarn I used is Garthenor Organic's stunning Teifi in Meander 06 (the marl) and their Pentland in Paphos for the contrasting neckline, hem and cuffs. I LOVE it. Woolly and light and so warm!

Last Call: January Sock Boxes

If you love knitting socks like I do, January's Sock Box might just be your thing: 100g of non-superwash, no-nylon sock yarn, a set of handmade stitch markers, and a lovely joy-bringing surprise. Preorders close on Wednesday, Nov 16, at midnight CET.

Thoughts about Black Friday

My dear friend ash put a small business owner's view alongside some tips how to navigate the onslaught of sales in words way better than I ever could:

I loved reading their words, and I 100% agree with everything they said. Trust that I've run our numbers and that we can do this sale - we have lots of print copies of our back issues, and I'd be so glad to see them fly off into loving hands.

Last Order Dates before Christmas!

Yessss, the holidays are coming up FAST which means last order dates are just around the corner. If you want your order to arrive before December 24, these are the last dates for you to place it:

  • Non-European countries: Nov 27
  • European countries: Dec 11
  • Germany: Dec 20