Unusual amounts of coffee are being consumed right now.

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Dear Reader,

It's a really, really exciting week here at Making Stories - we launched our Call for Submissions for Issue 11 yesterday, Issue 9 can arrive from the printer any time now, and on Friday we'll have our first big yarn launch of the year: Manchelopis is coming to the shop!

The downside is that unusual amounts of coffee are being consumed and there might have been more than one stress-related breakdown already. Hey, we're keeping it real here, right? I LOVE what I do, but I'll never pretend it's not stressful at times.

But! I've started crossing things off my to do list, beginning with a much-needed tidying up at the yarn cave, and spending two hours researching and pinning lots and lots of patterns for knitting with unspun yarn.

I can't wait for you to see all the glorious colors of Manchelopis on Friday - there are three new ones! - and if you want to start project planning already, my latest blog post (which picks four favorites from the Pinterest board) about pattern inspo for unspun is live now!

Much love,

Hanna Lisa

Episode 44: Unspun Yarn on the Mind and the Needles

Last week, I recorded the first podcast episode of the year - and it's filled to the brim with good stuff! I share an update on my Washington cardigan, a new WIP, and there might even be a tiny sneak peek at some exciting Issue 9 things!

A sweet new pattern: Meet Little Porter!

Little Porter Hudson + West Co Weld

I am so excited that Hudson + West Co is now bringing their signature all-over cable designs to our little ones! Little Porter is their first foray into kids patterns, and it's adorable to the max.

The pattern is written for Hudson + West Co's Weld - wonderfully soft, and at the same time with quite a high twist, so your little one's new favorite cardigan will actually be able stay a favorite for a long, long time. (Always important in yarn choices for kids if you ask me!) Depending on the size, you need between 5 and 8 skeins.

Collective-exclusive: Let's Take Issue 9 to the Printer!

As you might remember from last week's newsletter, I got to watch the print start of Issue 9! I made a fun video for the Collective where I share some behind-the-scenes footage, show the cover and body pages I got to take home, and talk about the experience.

It's available to watch for all Collective members at the Full Skein and Sweater Quantity levels - and if you're curious, maybe you'd like to check out the Collective as well? I'd love to welcome you there!

Have you joined our Sock Box Wait List yet?

Sign ups for our April Sock Box and our Year of Socks Subscription open back up on February 1. Sign up for our wait list now!

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