You can listen to the raindrops.

published6 months ago
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Dear Reader,

I'm sitting here at our dining room table, listening to the rain patter down on the skylight. Outside, it's grey, but not gloomy - we've definitely moved from end-of-winter rain to early-spring rain which is delightful. We spent the entire day outside yesterday, in glorious sunshine, and so I don't mind this change of pace at all.

This week is punctuated by big things - a launch, a photoshoot, a podcast episode. I'm hoping to cross most of these off today so I can focus on some smaller delights in between - creating a reel of my finished Gentle Lopi Tunic, checking a few translations of new pages on our website, casting on a new summer T-shirt.

I hope that whatever today brings for you, whatever this week has in store, you can listen to the raindrops for a little while. Watch them dance down the windowpane. Take a breath of that fresh post-rain air. You deserve it.


Hanna Lisa

New: Podcast Episode 48 - Blossoming, Holding Hands & Spring Announcements!

I'm back with another episode of the Making Stories podcast in which I...

  • ... share my two latest WIPs,
  • ... chat about pattern recommendations for yarns and where you can find them,
  • ... show you a new favorite purchase (neon!!),
  • ... talk about what's new in the shop, what's coming later in April, and some important price announcements.

Wedding Wool Weekend - We're an Exhibitor!

I am SO happy and proud to announce that we'll have our own booth at a yarn festival for the first time since Nottingham Yarn Expo in 2017! Ruta and her fabulous team from Wollen Berlin are putting together another Wedding Wool Weekend in July, here in Berlin.

Last year, I couldn't go because we were on honeymoon, but this year, we're there, and OHHHH do we have plans. Just you wait!

You can get tickets now through the Wedding Wool Weekend website, and check out the other exhibitors and workshop teachers.

It's a really, really good lineup - and the venue is stunning!

Restocked: Toff & Zürpel Soap Dishes and Holders

After a really long wait, our beloved soap dishes by Toff & Zürpel are back in stock! I adore everything about them, from the material - unglazed ceramics - to the clever, geometric shape. They're the perfect size for our Hey Mama Wolf wool soaps, and what we use in our apartment for our soap bars.

We also restocked their smaller sibling, the wooden soap holders! Just in time for getting those knits ready for a bit of much-needed rest after a long winter!

Spring Announcements: Launches & Price Increases

I really like giving you an overview what to expect from us in the next few weeks as I'm all about making informed purchasing decisions (says she who impulse-ordered a sweater quantity of woollentwine's new yarn a few days ago, but hey - we contain multitudes, right?).

In April, we'll have a few things coming to the shop as well as a price increase:

  • April 12 (Collective) / April 13 (Webshop): We'll have a small April Shop Update this week! In it, we'll have some beautiful El Robledal de la Santa Moherino (Mohair from David & Jackson's own Angora goats, blended with local-to-them Merino), Bobbles & Berries spring stitch markers and seed bombs.
  • April 28: Later this month, we'll have a brand-new (not only to us, but to the world!) yarn that we'll be adding to the shop. It's a delightful summer blend, and I can't wait to tell you more about it.
  • April 28: On the same day, we'll also increase the price for Manchelopis from €7.70 to €8.50 in line with Wooldreamers' new wholesale and retail prices. We still have almost all of the colors in stock for the old price in case you'd like to stock up before the price increase.

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